Iowa State
Woodcarvers Show

47 Years and Counting

For the past 47 years, the Northeast Iowa Woodcarvers have hosted the annual Iowa State Woodcarvers Show. The show open is open to the public and admission is free. There are 42 categories overall and 3 categories with up 8 sub-categories. Below are a few of the categories featured in the Iowa State Woodcarvers Show.

2020 Entry Form 2020 Entry Information 2020 Rules and Categories 2019 Show Results

Young Carvers 14 through 17 Years of Age Fresh Water Fish
Found Wood Upland Game Birds
Jewelry, Feathers, Wooden Eggs Waterfowl (Ducks, Loons, Geese, Swans)
Canes & Staffs Realistic Busts and People
Instructor Assisted Wild Animals
Santas Christmas Ornaments

2019 Show Results

Best of ShowDon Lund
Best of Show - Honorable MentionSue Orth
Best of Show - Honorable MentionLarry Crilly
Best of Show - Honorable MentionDon Lund
Best Overall DisplayJulio Martinez
Best Variety of CarvingsSteve Zars
Most Original CarvingSue Orth
Carver's ChoiceMaryssa Soder

1. Young Carvers through 13 years of age1stCash Jenkins
2. Young Carvers 14 through 17 years of ageNo Entries
3. Works of Man & Utility Objects1stPeter Wentzel
4. Found Wood
a. Bark1stPeter Wentzel
2ndSteve Russell
3rdPeter Wentzel
HMJerry Cufr
b. Driftwood/Cypress Knee/Other1stLarry Crilly
5. Wood Burning
a. Scenes1stDavid Keith
2ndSue Mertz
b. Other1stSue Mertz
2ndDavid Keith
3rdMaryssa Soder
6. IntarsiaNo Entries
7. Jewelry/Feathers/Wooden Eggs1stSue Mertz
2ndJacob Weaver
3rdFrank Mertz
HMJacob Weaver
8. Geometric & Shallow Chip Carving1stKay Lund
9. Positive Image & Free Form Chip CarvingNo Entries
10. Canes & StaffsNo Entries
11. Santas1stSteve Zars
2ndMary Lou Snyder
3rdStewart Grapp
HMSteve Zars
12. Christmas Ornaments1stSteve Zars
2ndSteve Zars
3rdDave Hansen
HMSteward Grapp
13. Religious1stDavid Keith
2ndFrank Mertz
3rdSteward Grapp
14. Carousel/Hobby Horses/Figures1stMaryssa Soder
2ndMaryssa Soder
15. FloralNo Entries
16. Mythical Creatures & Reptiles1stDon Lund
2ndLarry Crilly
3rdLarry Crilly
HMBrad McMartin
17. Insects & ButterfliesNo Entries
18. Fresh Water FishNo Entries
19. Salt Water Fish and aquatic animals1stDon Lund
20. Upland Game BirdsNo Entries
21. Song BirdsNo Entries
22. Shore Birds & SeabirdsNo Entries
23. Birds of Prey1stFrank Mertz
24. Waterfowl (Ducks/Loons/Geese/Swans)1stFrank Mertz
25. Decoys – Smoothies1stFrank Mertz
2ndFrank Mertz
26. Stylized Carvings (Fish/Birds/Animals/etc.)No Entries
27. Bird HeadsNo Entries
28. Miniatures (Fits in a 4"""" cube) - any category 1/2 life size or less"""1stSteven Zars
2ndDavid Hensen
3rdJacob Weaver
29. Realistic Busts and PeopleNo Entries
30. Caricature Busts and People1stSteve Russell
2ndSteve Russell
3rdMax Porter
HMDavid Keith
31. Stylized PeopleNo Entries
32. Relief
a. Deep Relief1stAlice Porter
b. Shallow ReliefNo Entries
33. Domestic Animals1stAlice Porter
2ndAlice Porter
3rdStewart Grapp
34. Wild Animals1stSteve Russell
2ndJerry Schierholz
3rdAlice Porter
HMBrad McMartin
35. Wild & Domestic Animal – Caricature1stJulio Martinez
2ndKay Lund
3rdMax Porter
HMMax Porter
36. All Animal HeadsNo Entries
37. All Groups1stBrad McMartin
38. Instructor Assisted (Carved in a class with an instructor.)
a. Animals1stMary Lou Snyder
b. Caricature1stSteve Russell
c. Birds1stMary Lou Snyder
d. HumanNo Entries
e. Santas1stSteve Russell
f. FishNo Entries
g. DecoysNo Entries
h. OtherNo Entries
39. Acanthus (foliage ornament and decoration)1stBrad McMartin
40. Mediums other than wood (antler/bone/stone/golf balls etc.)1stBrad McMartin
2ndDave Hensen
41. Miscellaneous – Doesn’t fit any of above1stSue Orth
2ndLarry Crilly
3rdMax Porter
42. Fun Project – Done during the show please see entry form1stSteve Zars
2ndMax Porter
3rdMax Porter